Special Finance

Bad Credit?  Bankruptcy?  No Credit?

At Dick Masheter Ford, we have a dedicated team focused solely on helping people in situations just like yours.  Do you have bad credit or even no credit?  We can help.  What about a repossession, bankruptcy, or foreclosure?  We're here for you.  Medical bills, student loans, late payments or divorce?  No problem.

Shopping for a vehicle with bad credit can be a stressful and embarrassing situation.  It can be very difficult to get approved for a vehicle and if you do, it's often not what you're looking for.  Many people end up settling for an unreliable vehicle purchased through a less than reputable dealer.  This can continue the cycle of bad credit if you're stuck with a high payment and huge repair bills.  We are here to break the cycle.

A member of our Special Finance team will work one on one with you to understand your situation, your vehicle needs and budget.  They are committed to finding you the right vehicle and the right financing.  Unlike a Buy Her Pay Here that only gives you one option, we have many different lenders equipped to handle just about any situation, regardless of credit.  We have worked hard to develop relationships with lenders that look beyond the credit score to see the whole picture.  We also strive to provide same day finance - your search can end today!

Don't let bad credit keep you from diving a vehicle you're proud to own from a dealership that cares about its customers.  Get in touch today!



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